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  学英语最重要的不是“单词量”和“语法 量”,而是“句子量”!今天小编就给大家分享了高二英语,一起来多多的阅读哦



  第一部分 听力(共两节,满分30分)



  请听下面5段对话, 选出最佳选项。

  1. Why does the woman want to go shopping?

  A. To spend time with the man .

  B. To get shoes for her concert.

  C. To pick out some clothes for the man .

  2. What is the girl going to do?

  A. Go shopping . B. Go camping. C. Go swimming.

  3. How old might the man’s sister be?

  A. 19. B. 29. C. 39.

  4. Where did the man most probably leave his wallet?

  A. In a cinema. B. On a bus. C. In a restaurant.

  5. What does the woman think the desks are for?

  A. To keep the students calm.

  B. To control the students’ weight .

  C. To improve the students’ grades.




  6. What are the speakers mainly talking about?

  A .Some phone apps. B. The man’s camera. C. The woman’s cell phone.

  7.What’s the probable relationship between the speakers?

  A. Friends. B . Brother and sister. C. Store clerk and customer.


  8. What does the woman want the man to do?

  A . Keep quiet. B. Stop the car. C. Drive slowly.

  9. How does the man feel toward the woman?

  A. Annoyed. B. Sorry. C. Thankful.


  10. What kind of dog did Sylvia first want?

  A. A small dog. B.A medium dog . C. A big dog.

  11. Why does Tim want to wait to get a dog?

  A. Sylvia hasn’t got a job.

  B. They don’t have enough money.

  C. They don’t have their own house.

  12. What does Sylvia offer to do to keep the dog quiet?

  A. Stay indoors with him.

  B. Take him out all the time.

  C. Only go out in the evenings.


  13. How long has the woman lived in the dorm?

  A. For one year. B. For two years. C. For four years.

  14. What does the woman first introduce?

  A. The library . B. The kitchen. C. The sitting room.

  15.What is in the study area?

  A. A lot of shelves. B. Some dictionaries. C. Comfortable sofas.

  16.Why is there no oven in the woman’s dorm?

  A. She doesn’t need one.

  B. There is no room for it.

  C. She doesn’t know how to use it.


  17.What has newly opened at the Hotel Nova?

  A. A game room. B.A fitness centre. C. A swimming pool.

  18.Where is the Canvey Hotel ?

  A. Near a museum. B. In the town centre. C. Five kilometers from Easton.

  19.What advantage does the Canvey Hotel have?

  A. It offers dinner. B. It has a big park. C.It’s near the railway station.

  20.When does the Tidbury Hotel open?

  A. On April 1st . B. On July 12th . C.On August 1st.

  第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)

  第一节 (共15小题;每小题2分,满分30分)



  Since the introduction of the two-child policy in 2016, an increasing number of well-educated women have quit their jobs and are staying home to take care of their babies. But is it waste of talent for a highly educated woman to become a housewife? Forum readers share their opinion.

  Tenith (Malaysia)

  Never a waste. Her children will enjoy mother’s love . Compared to other women’s children, her children will grow into better persons and become more confident, if she grooms them properly instead of pampering(纵容) them .

  Ratfink (Australia)

  It’s up to the woman to make a decision based on her circumstances. Education is never wasted by a woman who wants to become a housewife as she will use her education to enhance the learning experiences of her children and also around the house.It’s no one’s business but the woman as to what she does with her education.

  Seneca (Expat in China)

  She just needs to bear in mind that a mother has no right to regret her motherhood. Motherhood is destiny; if you become mother, then you must accept it unconditionally, whether as full-time housewife- and-mother or as a part-timer who makes extra bucks during part of her week.

  TedM (UK)

  Caring for your children by staying at home with them, or following a career...or maybe both if the work involves Internet work from home, or running a business from home...all are lifestyle choices. Often choices are limited by money or by the expectations of others. As for "stay-at-home fathers", this has been a growing situation in England for many years. Sometimes this is a choice made because today a woman can earn far more than her partner. Sometimes it is because the man is considered a better option to be the "House-husband".

  21. Who takes the view that the housewife is a waste for a well-educated woman?

  A. Tenith and Ratfink B. Ratfink and Seneca

  C. Seneca and TedM D.None.

  22. Which is the advantage of the well-educated housewives?

  A. They have more life style choice.

  B. They can enhance their own learning experience.

  C. They can educate their children better.

  D. They can both care for children at home and follow a career.

  23.Why is “stay-at-home fathers ” a growing situation in England?

  A. Because they will not be laughed at like Chinese men.

  B. Because today a woman can earn far more than her partner.

  C. Because they love to stay at home and look after the family.

  D. Because they want to change the situation and lead a different lifestyle.

  24. What is the best title of this passage?

  A. Well-educated housewives contribute to educating better children.

  B. Is it waste for well-educated women to be housewives?

  C. Motherhood is destiny you cannot regret.

  D. Nowadays a woman earns more than a man.


  Hurricane Harvey struck Texas in July 2017.It caused flood, deaths and great damage to many cities. But in the hurricane we saw many good deeds.

  A Texas Pizza Hut manager was making sure her neighbors did not go hungry during the hurricane . Shayda Habib ,manager at the Pizza Hut called her husband and asked him to gather up kayaks(皮艇) and met her at the restaurant. They loaded the pizzas on kayaks and delivered them to as many flood zone homes as they could. Habib and her husband planned to keep making and deliveries until they ran out of ingredients.

  Two brothers from San Antonio Brad Morris and Adam Morris purchased a 21,000 pound truck so they could help people in Houston .They drove the 5-ton truck to Houston to help with citizen rescues along with their brother-in-law. The brothers rescued dozens of people.

  A group of Mexican bakers who were trapped in their Houston bakery made hundreds of loaves of bread to give to flood victims. The four bakers had been working on a night shift when they realized they could not leave because of the level of water on the streets. They decided to continue to bake for those affected by the hurricane. The workers used up 4,400 pounds of flour to bake throughout the night and day.

  J.J. Watt of the Houston Texas started a Hurricane Harvey relief fund that has collected more than 10 million dollars . Watt began his efforts after posting a video on Twitter which has now persuaded over 100,000 people to pitch in. He continued to post video updates on the donations daily, asking for the public’s help. Watt made a personal donation of $ 100,000. Make your contribution here.

  25. When would Habib and her husband stop delivering pizzas?

  A. When the Hurricane was over. B. When ingredients were used up.

  C. When everything recovered. D. When they were tired.

  26. How many people took part in the truck rescue?

  A. 1. B. 2 . C. 3. D.4.

  27.Which of the following statements is true?

  A. Habib and her husband used truck to deliver pizzas.

  B.Watt raised money to buy the truck and help people.

  C. The four bakers were trapped in the day.

  D. Over 100,000 people have given donations to the fund Watt set.

  28. What is the main idea of this passage?

  A. Free pizzas offered by kind-hearted pizza Hut owner.

  B. Good deeds appeared in Hurricane Harvey.

  C. Two brothers bought a truck to help.

  D. Fund was raised to help people in the disaster.


  There is a common , usually round object that you can see ever day and it appears in many expressions—buttons! Buttons , which are made of mental or plastic, are found on all sorts of clothing .They fasten or connect one piece of clothing to another to make sure your clothes don’t fall off.

  To be cute as a button is an old saying , which means to be attractive or sweet, but in a small way. Babies are often described as cute as a button. Language experts don’t know why . But they do say the expression dates from the late 1860s.

  Here is another expression associated with button: button-down. People often wear button-down shirts to the office. Button-down as an adjective means to be conservative .People described as button-down stay as close as possible to the normal way of dressing and behaving.

  When buttoning a button, you slip it into a buttonhole. A buttonhole traps the button . So, to buttonhole someone means you have trapped him in a spoken conversation .Now , let’s say you find yourself buttonholed in a conversation at a party. Someone just keeps talking and talking and talking ! Finally , you can’t stand it any longer. You tell him to button it! This is a direct, but a little rude way of saying “Stop talking!” “Button your lip” is another equally rude way to stop a person who talks too much.

  Another kind of difficult person is someone who pushes one’s buttons. To push one’s buttons means to know how to get that person annoyed or upset . People who like to push other people’s buttons usually do it for selfish reasons.

  29. What is the function of buttons?

  A. They can make clothes look more beautiful.

  B. They can link a part of clothes to another.

  C. They can make people enjoy a better life.

  D. They can make clothes more durable(耐用的).

  30. If you think someone’s clothing is traditional ,what will you say?

  A. You are cute as a button. B. You are button--down.

  C. Buttonhole you ! D. Push your buttons.

  31. How does the passage mainly develop?

  A. By listing figures. B. By analyzing cause and effect.

  C. By making contrast. D. By listing and explaining expressions.

  32.What is the best title for the text?

  A. Expressions about button B. What is button?

  C. What is button for ? D.Button is important


  On March 14, one of science’s brightest stars went dark. Stephen Hawking, the world-famous British scientist, died at 76 in Cambridge, UK.

  Hawking is considered by many to be the greatest scientist in history since Albert Einstein. He came up with the theory that the universe began with the Big Bang and will end in black holes. His theory became the base for a lot of later research. He also wrote books to help common people understand the universe.His most famous book is A Brief History of Time, which has sold more than10 million copies around the world.

  When Hawking was 21, he was told that he was diagnosed with a serious illness that stopped him from walking and talking.Later in life, he had to sit in a wheelchair and"speak”using a computerized voice. But this didn't stop him from living a meaningful and colorful life. "If one is physically disabled, one cannot afford to be psychologically disabled as well. "he once said.

  Hawking traveled around the globe to attend science conference, visiting every continent, including Antarctica.The scientist also gained popularity outside the academic world and appeared in TV shows such as Star Trek The Big Bang Theory.

  He celebrated his 60th birthday by going up in an air balloon; when he was 65, he took part in a zero-gravity fight to experience weightlessness He hoped to travel into space one day.

  In 2013, Hawking spoke about how he felt life was unfair when he was first diagnosed with his illness. "But now, 50 years later, I can be quietly satisfied with my life, "he said .

  Hawing has millions of fans in China. He took a train trip around China in 1985. In 2006, he was invited to speak at a physics conference in Beijing. In April 2016,

  Hawking registered a Sina Weibo account. He got two million fans within hours of launching the account. His first message was a greeting to his “friends in China” posted in both English and Chinese. His last post on Sina Weibo was written on Nov.24,2017. In the post, he answered two questions from a Chinese pop star.

  33. Which of the following statements about Hawking is TRUE?

  A. He just wrote a book named A Brief History of Time.

  B. He hadn’t vivisted all continents before he passed away.

  C. He once experienced weightlessness in space.

  D. He played a role in The Big Bang Theory.

  34. From the passage, we can learn that Hawking was___________.

  A. strong-willed and optimistic B. humorous and intelligent

  C. positive and adventurous D. outgoing and enthusiastic

  35. The last paragraph mainly deals with ___________.

  A. Hawking’s trip to China B. Hawking’s Sina Weibo

  C. Hawking and China D. Hawking’s fans



  Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot...you can travel fast or slow. The movement of your feet gets you where you need to go. But it also gets you so much more!____36___

  Walking helps you in various ways. First it makes your heart stronger. Studies show regular walking lowers your chance of heart disease. Walking for 30 minutes per day also helps control blood pressure. It can reduce your chance of having a stroke or developing some cancers, too.

  Want to lose weight? You need to burn 600 more calories each day you eat.____37___

  Walking helps your brain health. As people age, their brains don’t work as well. One in 14 people over years old suffers from memory loss. Older people who walk six miles or more per week keep their brains in better shape.___38____. You don’t have to think about it , so you can consider other things. You can consider problems or think of ideas. You can think over conversations again or just remember funny things that have just happened recently.

  Walking is also good for your wallet. It saves the cost of going to gym. ___39___ . A pedometer(计步器) can get you started. Begin with trying to take 1,000 steps in 10 minutes to set the right pace.

  You can make walking part of your day. Instead of parking right next to your office, park a distance away—and walk. Do not take the elevator, but walk. ___40__They are what they sound like. Rather than sit, you walk and talk things over.

  Make walking a habit, and see how it makes you feel.

  A. It’s not easy to do that regularly.

  B. Walking is the easiest way to do that.

  C. You can even have walking meetings.

  D. Putting one foot in front of the other isn’t difficult.

  E. More walking and less driving help to make you healthy.

  F. Walking quickly for 150 minutes each week to get a good workout.

  G. Walking is a basic , simple exercise that’s suitable for almost everyone.

  第三部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分45分)

  第一节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)


  Life is like a journey on a train with its stations, with changes of routes and with accidents! At birth we _41_ the train and met our parents, and we believe they will always travel by our side. However, at some station our parents will___42__down from the train, leaving us on this journey __43__. As time goes by, other people will board the ___44__ ; and they will be significant, for example , our siblings, friends, children, and even the love of our life. Many will get down ___45___ leave a permanent vacuum. ____46___ will go so unnoticed that we don't __47__ they left their seats! This train __48___ will be full of joy, sorrow, fantasy, expectations, hurts, hellos, goodbyes, and farewells. Success is____49___ having a good relationship with all ____50__.It requires us to give the best of ___51___.

  The ___52___ to everyone is: We do not know at ___53___ station we ourselves will get off. So, we ___54__ live in the best way -- love, forgive, and offer the best of who we are . It’s important to do this because when the ___55___ comes for us to step down and leave our seat empty we should leave behind___56____ memories for those who will continue to travel on the train of life _____57___ us. I wish you a joyful journey for the coming years on your train of life. ___58___ success, give lots of love and be happy.

  More _____59___ , be thankful for the journey! Lastly, I ____60__ you for being one of the passengers on my train!

  41. A. boarded B. got C. arrived D. left

  42. A. break B. slip C. step D. bring

  43. A. lonely B. alone C. single D. special

  44. A. plane B.train C. boat D. journey

  45. A. so B. or C. but D. and

  46. A. Other B. Another C. Others D.The other

  47. A. recognize B. study C. know D.realize

  48. A. ride B. ticket C. price D.schedule

  49. A. put off B. given off C. made up off D.set up by

  50. A. classmates B. friends C. people D.passengers

  51. A. yourselves B. ourselves C.itself D.themselves

  52. A. mystery B. question C. examination D.text

  53. A. when B.what C.where D.which

  54. A. could B.might C. must D.may

  55. A. time B. place C. station D.location

  56. A. depressed B. sad C. bad D.beautiful

  57. A. to B. for C. with D.without

  58. A. Achieve B.Bring C.Take D.Carry

  59. A. surprisingly B. importantly C.particularly D.interestingly

  60. A. want B. memorize C. thank D.forgive

  第II卷(非选择题 共50分)

  第三部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分45分)

  第二节 语法填空(共10小题;每小题1.5分,满分15分)


  It can be difficult to keep the spark alive in a friendship with someone living in a different city.

  Now scientists say they have uncovered the key to __61__(stay) close and it appears to be different for men and women. Men need to meet up face-to-face and bond over____62__( activity) , while for female friendships, long phone conversations can bridge the physical distance.

  Professor Robin Dunbar, who ___63___(lead) the work at the University of Oxford, said: "Girls need to make efforts to talk more to each other on the phone ,___64___determines whether their friendship can survive.” However, talking had ____65___( absolute ) no effect on boys relationships, the study found. "What held up ____66___ friendships was doing stuff together, such as going to___67___ football match or going to the pub for a drink ." Said Dunar.

  ____68____(speak) to journalists at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Boston, Dunbar said different friendship styles between genders could be behind the effect. "This is about the idea that women clearly have much ____69___( intense) close friendships", he said.

  "They're very intense, very like romantic relationships in the sense if they break catastrophically(灾难性地).__70__ the contrary, men tend to have more casual friendships.

  61.____________ 62.____________ 63.____________ 64.____________ 65.____________

  66.____________ 67.____________ 68.____________ 69.____________ 70.____________

  第四部分 写作(共两节,满分35分)

  第一节 短文改错(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)







  It’s a fine day today and we pay a visit to Beijing University .Early in the morning ,we arrived the gate where a professor gave us a warmly welcome. We were then shown around.

  We first went to the library with a large collection of book ,where we saw students read attentively. Next ,who impressed us was that there were some students sitting under trees ,studying . At about 4 in the afternoon, they attended a lecture on science given by a famous professor . After we knew it ,it was time to say goodbye. Now sitting at the table I feel very exciting . I will make every effort to go to the college.

  第二节 书面表达(满分25分)


  1. 即将毕业,主修国际贸易;

  2. 通过了大学英语六级考试,擅长文字处理;

  3. 热情乐观,容易相处。




  参考词汇:《人才周刊》Talent Weekly; 秘书secretary; 大学英语六级考试CET 6

  Dear Sir/Madam,


  Yours sincerely,

  Li Hua.

  高二英语 试卷




  1-5 BBCBB 6-10 CACAC 11-15 CABCB 16-20 ACAAB


  21-25 DCBBB 26-30 CDBBB 31-35DADAC 36-40 GBAFC


  41-45 ACBBD 46-50 CDACD 51-55 BADCA 56-60 DDABC


  第二节 语法填空(共10小题;每小题1.5分,满分15分)


  61. staying 62. activities 63. led 64. which 65. absolutely

  66. their 67. a 68. Speaking 69.more intense 70. On

  第四部分 写作(共两节,满分35分)

  第一节 短文改错(10分)

  It’s a fine day today and we pay a visit to Beijing University .Early in the


  morning ,we arrived∧the gate where a professor gave us a warmly welcome. We were

  at warm

  then shown around.

  We first went to the library with a large collection of book ,where we saw students


  read attentively. Next ,who impressed us was that there were some students sitting

  reading what

  under trees , studying . At about 4 in the afternoon, they attended a lecture on science


  given by a famous professor . After we knew it ,it was time to say goodbye. Now


  sitting at the table I feel very exciting . I will make every effort to go to/the college.



  One possible version:

  Dear Sir/Madam,

  I am responding to your advertisement in the Talent Weekly on June 8 for the position of secretary.

  I’m going to graduate from Fuzhou University and my major in International Trade. I read a lot and study hard so I have got excellent grades in all my subjects. Apart from courses in my major, I learned English hard and passed the CET 6 in 2011. I have rich experience in word proessing of both English and Chinese. As for my character,I’m enthusiastic and optimistic, which makes me get on well with my classmates.

  Would you please call me to set an interview? I’m looking forward to hearing from you . Thank you very much.

  Yours sincerely,



  Text 1

  W: I really need some new shoes for my piano concert next week. (1)We’re supposed to dress up in our best clothes. Will you go shopping with me today?

  M: Sure, why not? I’m not great at picking out clothes, but I enjoy spending time with you.

  Text 2

  M: This is your suitcase for camp,Susie? I don’t think you’ll need these shorts. You’ll be in the mountains, you know.

  W: But it’s summer. It’ll be hot sometimes, Dad. Anyway, it was on the list.

  Text 3

  W: Jack, how old is your sister?

  M: She is ten years older than me. I’m in my late twenties.

  Text 4

  M: My wallet is gone. I can’t find it in my jacket. Do you know where I left it?

  W: I remember you took it out on the bus to buy tickets. And then I paid for dinner. Well, maybe you dropped it on the bus.

  M: Yes, I think so.

  Text 5

  W: Look at these new school desks! They have little things built under them so the children can exercise in class. Are our kids really that fat?

  M: They are good for that ,but they also help students pay attention. Schools with those desks say students are getting higher grades,too.

  Text 6

  M: Hey,Michelle. I need to buy a new cell phone, but I’m not sure what kind to get. Do you like the one you have?

  W: Oh yes, it’s great. It has a really good camera, and there are a lot of apps you can buy for it. The screen also has very good picture quality, and it certainly will not break. I would suggest it to anyone.

  M:Thanks for your advice. I’ll go to the store with my brother this afternoon.

  Text 7

  W: David,don’t you think you should slow down a little?

  M: Slow down? Why? Don’t you think this is great?

  W: But the limit is 80 and you’re driving at least 90, and…

  M: Never mind . I just love driving fast.

  W:But there’s …

  M:Would you please keep quiet? You are too nosiy. Oh…what’s that?

  W: A police car. They’ve been following us for a while.

  M: A police car? Why didn’t you just tell me earlier? Now I have to stop the car.

  Text 8

  M: I know I said we’d get a dog when you got a job, Sylvia, but are you sure you want one now? I remember you said you wanted a big dog.

  W: Well, Tim, I asked the owner of our apartment, and we just have to pay $150 to cover any damage. We have enough money for that.

  M: But think about how much trouble it’ll be to take him out all the time. Wouldn’t it be easier to wait until we have a house?

  W: If I choose a small dog, it shouldn’t matter.

  M: It might be loud, though. Are the neighbors going to like us when the dog barks all night?

  W: I’ll stay in with him and keep him quiet. We don’t need to go out in the evening, anyway.

  W: Will the dog really have a good life, living in this small place?

  W: I think so…

  Text 9

  M: What a cool dorm you live in ! Can you show me around?

  W: Sure! I love it here. I live here my whole first year, and now my whole second year, too…pretty much the whole time I’ve been at school! I’m planning on staying my whole four years, probably. Okay, so over there is the main sitting area, with a lot of comfortable sofas, as you can see. I like to hang out with my friends here.

  W: Nice! What’s over there?It looks like a library or something.

  W: It’s a study area. I do my homework in there a lot. It’s really quiet, and they have some books we can use----like dictionaries and other things. There’s the table I use as a desk.

  M: Cool. Is there an eating area?

  W: Yep, we have a little kitchen in the back.There’s a refrigerator and a lot of shelves for food. There’s no oven because we don’t cook much.

  M: I see. What a great place this is!


  Well, I’d like to introduce three hotels for yound visitors. The first one is the Hotel Nova. It’s in the town center and has a large car park It’s also near the railway station, so it’s very convenient.What makes it a bit different from other hotels is that it now has a swimming pool. This has only just opened. The hotel has had a fitness center for some time. It’s very popular with guests and there’s also a game room. About a kilometer from the center and in a quiet spot is the Canvey Hotel. It’s near the musuem. It’s a great place to stay because it looks out over the park. You can play tennis there and there’s plenty of room for picnics. This hotel has an advantage over the others because it offers dinner. And it’s very good value. I’d also like to mention a new house. The Tidbury Hotel is about five kilometers from Easton. The village of Tidbury is well known for its 15th-century church. It doesn’t open until the 12th of July but they’ve taking bookings from the 1st of April. There’s festival in Tidbury in the first week of August so it’ll get booked up for that. I’m sure.




  例:How much is the shirt?

  A. £ 19.15. B. £ 9. 18. C. £ 9. 15.


  1. What should the woman have done at the meeting?

  A. She should have agreed with John.

  B. She should have talked with John.

  C. She should have raised objections to John.

  2. What does Smith do probably?

  A. A salesman. B. A mailman. C. A milkman.

  3. What does the woman advise the man to do?

  A. Tell Jane to help him. B. Do as he has said C. Learn from her.

  4. How did Jack react to the punishment?

  A. He accepted it. B. He disliked it. C. He changed his behavior.

  5. Why does the man want a room?

  A. To have a meeting. B. To stay for one night. C. To celebrate his birthday.




  6. Which kind of drinks does the man like most?

  A. Orange juice. B. Beer. C. Cola.

  7. What does the man mean in the end?

  A. Wine isn’t fine for him.

  B. He likes wine very much.

  C. Nobody likes drinking wine.


  8. What should the woman do as a guide?

  A. Teach lessons to visitors.

  3. Show visitors how to learn history.

  C. Introduce pictures and items to visitors.

  9. How does the woman find her present job?

  A. Fresh but tired. B. Risky and exciting. C. Worthy and satisfactory.


  10. Why does the man mention “a dried plant”?

  A. To show the hot weather.

  B. To make his talk understood.

  C. To show his feelings to old men.

  11. What does the woman advise the man to do?

  A. See a doctor. B. Buy some beer. C. Have much liquid.

  12. What will the man do soon after the conversation?

  A. Go to the hospital.

  B. Share beer at the woman’s home.

  C. Go home and enjoy beer.


  13. What is the intention of the woman’s talking with the man?

  A. To turn to him for some advice.

  B. To exchange experience with him.

  C. To know about American colleges.

  14. What does the woman want to do?

  A. Fill in a form for her brother.

  B. Choose a college for her brother.

  C. Compare Chinese and American colleges.

  15. What is the main difference between American public and private colleges?

  A. Scholarship. B. Studying time. C. Studying conditions.

  16. What do we know about the woman’s brother?

  A. He will study in Peking University.

  B. He will study in an American public school.

  C. He is uncertain about which college to study in.


  17. What is the story mainly about?

  A. A cartoon movie Shark Tale.

  B. Why people call Oscar “Shark Killer”.

  C. How Oscar finds Angie’s love for him.

  18. What can we learn from the story?

  A. Smaller fishes often eat the bigger ones.

  B. Oscar is a hero because he killed a shark.

  C Oscar has to learn a lesson in life.

  19. Who is Oscar’s real friend?

  A. Angie. B. Lola. C. Frankie.

  20. Why does Oscar have to run away?

  A. He is afraid of Lola.

  B. Frankie’s father wants to kill him.

  C. He wants to make his dreams come true.

  第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)

  第一节 (共15小题;每小题2分,满分30分)



  There are many events you can do in our city. Now have a look at them.

  Mindfulness Meditation(冥想): Learn how just five minutes a day of meditation can benefit emotional, mental and physical health. The Hernando County Public Library System will host this seminar, which introduces some meditation techniques. Presented by Diana Reed of Gaya Jyoti Yoga. 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm. Free. S. T. Foggia Branch Library, 6335 Blackbird Ave, Spring Hill.(352)754-4043.

  Book Discussion Group: Each month, the group discusses a new book. The group is designed for adults. This month’s book is The End of Your Life Book Club by Will Schwalbe. Contact the library for a copy of the book and discussion questions. 1:45 pm to 3: 15 pm. Free. Harold G. Zopp Memorial Library, 9220 Spring Hill Drive, Spring Hill.(352)754¬4043.

  What to Do When Your Landscape Sleeps: Seminar participants will learn how to care for a landscape during the cool season and prepare it for spring and summer. 10: 30 am. Free. Harold G. Zopp Memorial Library, 9220 Spring Hill Drive, Spring Hill.(352)540-6230.

  Writers Workshop: The group meets every other Thursday. All levels of experience from beginners to published authors are welcome. Bring pen and paper. 1 pm to 3 pm. Free. East Hernando Branch Library, 6457 Windmere Road, Ridge Manor West.(352)754-4043.

  Low-cost Pet Vaccination(预防接种)Clinic: Sponsored by the Florida International Teaching Zoo veterinary(兽医)staff. Vaccinations are administered by a veterinarian. 6: 30 pm to 7: 30 pm. Rabies vaccinations for dogs and cats are $ 7. Tractor Supply Go. , 18471 Cortez Blvd, Brooksville. (352) 867-7788.

  21. What is required to do in Book Discussion Group?

  A. Buy a new book every month.

  B. Read a book for the discussion.

  C. Borrow a book from other members.

  D. Gather for two hours for the discussion.

  22. How is the fifth activity different from the others?

  A. It is paid.

  B. It is interesting.

  C. It costs more time.

  D. It is held in the afternoon.

  23. Which activity requires its members to gather twice a month?

  A. Mindfulness Meditation.

  B. Book Discussion Group.

  C. Writers Workshop.

  D. Low-cost Pet Vaccination Clinic.


  For Zack, the shave was more than just a way to fund lifesaving research. It was a way to honor his late brother, Taylor Frink.

  Taylor, a volunteer firefighter in North Carolina, was killed in a car accident last September. Before his passing, Taylor was an eager supporter of St. Baldrick’s. He went bald(秃头)for the cause in 2015, supporting kids with cancer and raising money to find cures.

  As a local hero, Taylor was beloved by the community. When he died, more than 1, 000 people attended his funeral to pay their respects. Zack looked up to his brother and this was the reason why he decided to become a junior firefighter himself. They did everything together. Zack remembers.

  Zack knew his brother had planned to shave again in 2016, so without hesitation he decided to fill his shoes and registered to shave at the local St. Baldrick’s event in Kinston, N. C.

  “He was always goodhearted, and I want to make my brother proud,” shares Zack.

  As part of Zack’s kindnesses, he raised more than $ 1,000 for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation primarily by selling T-shirts he designed. Leading up to the event, Zack also visited his city council, commissioner’s office and challenged the local official department to get involved.

  “We are not going to let Taylor’s name be forgotten. That is what I love about St Baldrick’s,” says Jean Culbreth, volunteer event organizer. “Zack gets it. He gets that what he is doing is keeping his brother’s name alive.”

  The day finally came and Zack took his seat under the clippers (剪具), not only to honor his brother but to help kids with cancer. It was a special moment for all, and by the end of the day the event had raised more than $ 22,000!

  24. Why did Taylor Frink go bald?

  A. Because he suffered from cancer.

  B. To attract people’s sympathy for him.

  C. To help raise money for cancer cures.

  D. Because he wanted to look cooler.

  25. What did Zack do to show honor to Taylor?

  A. He sold clippers to raise money

  B. He followed Taylor’s example.

  C. He decided to work at St. Baldrick’s.

  D. He persuaded his workmates to join his cause.

  26. What can we learn from the text?

  A. Zack has tried to get official support.

  B. Zack designs T-shirts for children with cancer.

  C. Zack raised more than $ 22,000 by selling his T-shirts.

  D. Zack works hard for St. Baldrick’s to get his name remembered.

  27. What Jean Culbreth says shows .

  A. the result of the volunteer event

  B. the reason for raising money

  C. the meaning of Taylor’s death

  D. the aim of Zack’s behavior


  “Belittle” was first used by Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States.

  Many years ago, Buffon, a French naturalist, wrote some books about natural history. The books were a great success even though some critics did not like them. Some critics said, “Buffon is more of a poet than a scientist.”

  Thomas Jefferson did not like what Buffon had said about the natural wonders of the New World. It seemed to Jefferson that Buffon had spoken of natural wonders in America as if they were unimportant.

  This troubled Thomas Jefferson. He was a naturalist, as well as a farmer, inventor, historian, writer and politician. He had seen the natural wonders of Europe. To him, they were no more important than those of the New World.

  In 1788, Thomas Jefferson wrote about his home state, Virginia. While writing, he thought of its natural beauty and then of the words of Buffon. At that moment, Jefferson created a new word-belittle. He said, “Buffon believes that nature belittles her productions on this side of the Atlantic.”

  Noah Webster, the American word expert, liked this word. He put it in his English language dictionary in 1806, “Belittle-to make somebody or something small, unimportant.”

  Americans had already accepted Jefferson’s word and started to use it. In 1797, the Independent Chronicle newspaper used the word to describe a politician the paper supported. “He is an honorable man,” the paper wrote, “so let the opposition try to belittle him as much as they please.

  In 1872, a famous American word expert decided that the time had come to kill this word. He said, “‘Belittle’ has no chance of becoming English. And as more critical writers of America, like those of Britain, feel no need of it, the sooner it is forgotten, the better.” This expert failed to kill the word. Today, “belittle” is used where the English language is spoken.

  28. What was the reason for Jefferson’s creating the new word?

  A. He was a naturalist and writer.

  B. Lots of critics disliked Button’s books.

  C. He disagreed with Buffon’s views on natural wonders in America.

  D. Lots of critics thought Buffon wasn’t a real naturalist.

  29. What do we know about Buffon according to the text?

  A. Some of his books were welcome by readers.

  B. Some of his poems were known to Jefferson.

  C. He made some wrong comments on Jefferson.

  D. He made great contributions to the creation of “belittle”.

  30. What does the underlined word “those” in the last paragraph refer to?

  A. The English words.

  B. The critical writers.

  C. The word experts.

  D. The English-speaking countries.

  31. What may be the best title for the text?

  A. The comment on the New World

  B. The creation of Thomas Jefferson

  C. The argument about the new word

  D. The history of the word “belittle”


  Look and listen, and that concert poster just might be singing. Engineers have designed antennas(天线)that can turn everyday objects, from posters to clothing, into radio stations. Anyone walking or driving by can tune in and hear what’s on. The devices use radio waves, but they don’t generate their own. They hijack(劫持)the same waves that carry music and news to your smartphone.

  Vikram Iyer co-led the project with Anran Wang, a graduate student in computer science and engineering. The two got the idea for their invention by paying attention to what was already around them. “It’s the ideal way to minimize the power consumption for any kind of communication,” notes Iyer. Their research had focused on new types of wireless

  communications that won’t require much energy. They wanted something that would work outdoors in a city. Then they realized the air is already filled with wireless communications in the form of radio stations.

  Radio waves carry energy at the speed of light from tall transmission towers to radios in cars, phones and homes. These waves of the antennas take in existing radio waves and change them slightly. Those changes add new sound information. The changed waves are then sent back out into the world where people can listen in. So the device only needs enough power to change the waves, not to generate them.

  The scientists tested their device with a poster. It advertised a Seattle concert by Simply Three. People standing almost 4 meters away from the poster could use FM receivers on smartphones to listen to all songs of the band’s music, Those in cars as far as 18 meters away could use car radios to pick up some parts of the songs

  The technology could even extend to clothes. Iyer, Wang and their team turned the shirt into an antenna. It let the shirt talk to the wearer’s smartphone. If a sensor in the shirt tracked a person’s heart rate during exercise, for instance, the antenna could transmit those data to the wearer’s phone.

  32. The underlined word “generate” in the first paragraph is closest in meaning to “ ”.

  A. promote B. repair C. produce D. recycle

  33. Which of the following is one advantage of the new antennas?

  A. They save energy.

  B. They are small-sized

  C They can be used in villages.

  D. They can improve radio signals.

  34. What is the third paragraph mainly about?

  A. The way the antennas take in radio waves.

  B. The working principle of the antennas.

  C The benefit people can get from the antennas.

  D. The situation where the antennas can be used

  35. What can be inferred from the text?

  A. The antennas can be available at present.

  B. Vikram Iyer created the antennas with much money.

  C The antennas cannot be used in the students dormitory and classroom.

  D. The closer people stay to the antennas, the stronger signals they pick up.

  第二节 (共5小题;每小题2分,满分10分)


  It’s Friday morning, and you’re taking another test. Are you ready? Students who do well on tests often have good study skills, but good study skills involve a lot of preparations as well as studying. Here are a few simple strategies(策略)that will help.

  Read ahead. 36 . Highlight or make notes of things that you feel are important, and share your thoughts during classroom discussions. Also, by reading ahead, class time can be used more efficiently to discuss questions or topics that need clarification. Clarifying questions in class will free up more time to review and study the new material at home.

  Take good notes. Good notes make great studying tools. Good note taking involves a lot more than copying notes from the board. 37 . Pay attention to textbook pages that are relevant to the discussion.

  Make flashcards. Flashcards are great review tools for basic math facts or word definitions. Write the word or question on one side and the definition or answer on the other side. 38 . Make one pile for flashcards that were remembered, and make one pile for flashcards not remembered. The more you review the flashcards, the smaller the flashcards pile not remembered should be.

  39 . Get together with a few friends and quiz each other on the material and notes you’ve collected for the test. Explain or describe in your own words what the material is about, and compare the information you have collected with each other.

  40 . Being prepared for class, participating during class, and reviewing after class are good strategies so that you have the most accurate and best materials to study.

  A. Study in a group

  B. Review notes daily

  C. As you review them, make two piles

  D. Doing it helps you better prepare for class

  E. There are many things you can do to improve your studying skills

  F. You are becoming more familiar with the concepts and topics discussed

  G. Make sure to include any relevant information from the classroom discussions

  第三部分 语言知识运用(共两节,满分45分)

  第一节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)


  Sunday was always our book-buying day. Every Sunday, my father would take me over to the Carousel Mall and let me walk through all the 41 while he read his newspaper. Then we would sit side by side reading in 42 . After a while, he would ask me which one out of my large pile of books I liked best. If I couldn’t 43 between two, he would buy me both books. In this way, he 44 me to read. He never discouraged me by 45 like my mom often did: “Why are you reading 46 ? Get outside! Stop living in fantasy.”

  When I grew older and discovered the 47 where I could take out as many books as I wanted for free, my father encouraged me to go there 48 .

  For quite some time I never knew there was an actual person who 49 all those wonderful books. When I finally realized this, it was like a(n) 50 . I thought I could also write stories just like them. When I told my dad this, he seemed to already 51 it. He read what I wrote and always joked that when I became a famous writer one day I should give the 52 to him. Even if I don’t become 53 for my books. I at least know what I am and what my dad helped me to become because of all those childhood 54 to book stores, and all his heartfelt comments that made me really 55 myself. Before reading what I wrote, he said he knew it would be 56 , because I had written it.

  I’m going to major in English literature at college 57 I want to make a career writing. I know my dad will be 58 of me. He has 59 me instead of hindering(阻碍)me. He encouraged me to be who I am. I’m going to give the first book to him not because he 60 me to but because he is my inspiration.

  41. A. street B. blocks C. houses D. bookshelves

  42. A. silence B. surprise C. turn D. doubt

  43. A. buy B. decide C. recognize D. finish

  44. A. taught B. forced C. encouraged D. persuaded

  45. A. saying B. worrying C. proving D. caring

  46. A. calmly B. quickly C. immediately D. constantly

  47. A. school B. library C. store D. case

  48. A. after all B. by far C.as well D. at least

  49. A. read B. wrote C. bought D. collected

  50. A. secret B. task C. history D. inspiration

  51. A. know B. manage C. organize D. repeat

  52. A. work B. prize C. book D. result

  53. A. happy B. famous C. anxious D. thankful

  54. A. trips B. excuses C. impressions D. researches

  55. A. care about B. laugh at C. believe in D. differ from

  56. A. hard B. expensive C. great D. similar

  57. A. if B. but C. though D. because

  58. A. afraid B. proud C. aware D. guilty

  59. A. helped B. loved C. protected D. known

  60. A. allowed B. promised C. preferred D. told

  第三部分 语言知识运用(共两节,满分45分)

  第二节 语法填空(共10小题;每小题1.5分,满分15分)


  A boy trembled in the cold winter, wrapping his arms wound 61 (he) on a bus stop bench. He wasn’t wearing warm clothes and the temperature was -10℃. 62 a heartbreaking scene it was! But the good deeds of the ordinary people 63 witnessed the 11-year-old Johannes were both joyous and inspiring. A woman, 64 (sit) next to the boy, discovered he was on a school trip and was told to meet his teacher at the bus stop. She 65_ (selfless) covered his shoulders with her own coat. 66 (late), another woman at first gave him her scarf, and then wrapped him in her large jacket. Throughout the day, more and more people offered Johannes their gloves and even the coats off their backs.

  Actually, it was a 67 (hide) camera experiment by Norwegian charity SOS Children’s Village as part of their winter campaign to collect 68 (donate) to help Syrian children get through the winter. Synne Ronning, the information head of the organization, also 69 (note) that the child was a volunteer who was never 70 any danger during the filming.

  第四部分 写作(共两节,满分35分)

  第一节 短文改错(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)





  注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;

  2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。

  We may have different opinion on organizing class activities. When having a different opinion, I may choose to give it and respect the opinion of the majority. The mainly reason for my choice is that I was bringing up in a culture emphasizing collectivism(集体主义). So I tend to sacrifice my own interest for the beneficial of the group. Last Sunday, we argued about whether to have a picnic in a park and go to a museum. I would love to go to a museum, but most of my classmates want to go for a picnic. Which is often the case, I decided to follow with them, and we did have lots of fun that day. Sometimes giving up a little means get more.

  第二节 书面表达(满分25分)

  假定你是李华。你校英语文学社正在进行主题为“How to be a popular student”的英语征文活动。请你就此用英语给文学社的编辑写封投稿信,谈谈自己的看法。


  1. 词数100左右;

  2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;

  3. 开头和结尾已给出,不计人总词数。

  Dear editor,


  Li Hua


  第一部分 听力(共两节,每小题1.5分,满分30分)

  1〜5 CBBAB 6〜10 BACCA 11〜15 CBABC 16〜20 CACAB

  第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)


  (A) 21〜23 BAC (B)24〜27 CBAD (C) 28〜31 CABD (D) 32〜35 CABD


  36〜40 DGCAE

  第三部分 语言知识运用(共两节,满分45分)

  第一节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)

  41〜45 DABCA 46〜50 DBCBD 51〜55 ACBAC 56〜60 CDBAD


  61. himself 62. What 63. who 64. sitting 65. selflessly

  66. Later 67. hidden 68. donations 69. noted 70. in

  第四部分 写作(共两节,满分35分)

  第一节 短文改错(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)

  We may have different opinion on organizing class activities. When having a different opinion, I may choose to


  give it∧and respect the opinion of the majority. The mainly reason for my choice is that I was bringing up in a culture

  up main brought

  emphasizing collectivism(集体主义). So I tend to sacrifice my own interest for the beneficial of the group. Last


  Sunday, we argued about whether to have a picnic in a park and go to a museum. I would love to go to a museum,


  but most of my classmates want to go for a picnic. Which is often the case, I decided to follow with them, and we

  wanted As 删掉with

  did have lots of fun that day. Sometimes giving up a little means get more.


  第二节 书面表达(满分25分)


  One possible version:

  Dear editor,

  We all hope to be popular with our classmates and teachers. To win popularity, we are supposed to regard the class as our big family and try our best to take an active part in all our class activities. We should be responsible for the work and have teamwork spirit in mind.

  To be a popular student, we must show our respect, concern and sympathy to others. We should never hesitate to lend a hand to those in need. To be a popular student, we ought to be strict with ourselves about everything we do at school and make an effort to achieve all-round development, being good not only at our lessons but also at other aspects.


  Li Hua


  第Ⅰ卷(选择题 共100分)

  第一部分 听力(共两节,满分30分)




  1. What will the man probably do next?

  A. Put on a shirt.

  B. Turn the dryer off.

  C. Fix the refrigerator.

  2. What can we learn from the conversation?

  A. The woman thought the tickets would be available soon.

  B. The woman thought there were no tickets left.

  C. The audience were deeply impressed by the concert.

  3. Where are the speakers?

  A. At a hospital. B. At a classroom. C. At a gym.

  4. What day is it today?

  A. Thursday. B. Friday. C. Sunday.

  5. What did the woman think of the movie?

  A. Terrible. B. Average. C. Fantastic.




  6. What is the probable relationship between the two speakers?

  A. Salesman and customer.

  B. Husband and wife.

  C. Teacher and student.

  7. What kind of dress does the woman finally buy?

  A. A light silk dress. B. A dark cotton dress. C. A light cotton dress.


  8. Why does the man sound surprised?

  A. Lily declined a job offer.

  B. Lily was absent from school.

  C. Lily turned down a scholarship.

  9. What has Lily decided to do?

  A. Travel to Dubai. B. Stay with her mom. C. Start a business.


  10. How does the woman feel?

  A. Nervous. B. Calm. C. Surprised.

  11. Who is Mrs. Spencer?

  A. A film director. B. A pet store owner. C. A movie character.

  12. What will the woman do next?

  A. Try out for a play. B. Go to a restaurant. C. Act in a commercial.


  13. In which field does the man have a master’s degree?

  A. Chemistry. B. Nuclear physics. C. Literature.

  14. What does the woman think of chemistry?

  A. Difficult. B. Interesting. C. Popular.

  15. What can we learn about the man?

  A. He prefers physics to chemistry.

  B. He just graduated from high school.

  C. He will continue studying hard for years.

  16. What does the woman want to be?

  A. A doctor. B. A writer. C. A teacher.


  17. When did the watch officially go on sale?

  A. On March 1st, 2015.

  B. On March 2nd, 2015.

  C. On September 2nd, 2015.

  18. What does the watch have?

  A. Automatic brightness. B. Wi-Fi. C. GPS.

  19. What do some users dislike about the watch?

  A. It’s too large.

  B. It looks too traditional.

  C. It doesn’t have enough storage.

  20. How many watch faces can users choose from?

  A. 50. B. 400. C. 4,000.

  第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)

  第一节(共15小题; 每小题2分,满分30分)

  阅读下列短文 ,从每题所给的四个选项 (A 、B 、C 和 D )中 ,选出最佳选项 ,并在题卡上将该项涂黑。


  When you're on the go, your best friend and resource can be your phone. In the age of smart phones, apps are like guiding stars: They can point you in the right direction for a hotel, list expenses, send postcards, and much more. When used together, these apps can be the basic travel tool, placing a wealth of information at your fingertips no matter where you are on the planet. US News Travel has picked the essential travel apps, known for their utility and reliability. Best of all, they cost absolutely nothing.

  Trip It

  Your Personal Travel Agent

  Be your own travel agent and plan every detail of your trip—from car rental to accommodating restaurants—with Trip It. You can make travel schedule by hand, or simply forward the email confirmations of your flight, rental car, train tickets, and hotels to plans.

  Weather Free

  Your Go-To Meteorologist(气象学者)

  Stop trying to explain the weather forecast on the evening news (particularly when it’s in a foreign language). The Weather Free app informs you (in English) of the climate in various locations. It features the local weather, and other key factors that will inform your decision about what to wear before stepping outside.


  Your Event Guru

  When you’re in a foreign city, you sometimes look around and ask: Where are all the people? Goby has the answer. This app pinpoints the neighborhood hot spots (including museums, hotels, eateries, and more) in your neighborhood. But its true value comes in finding nearby events. You'll discover concerts, plays, and more right around the corner.

  21. What is the advantage of the three travel apps?

  A. They are reliable and free of charge.

  B. They reduce your travel budget.

  C. They exercise your fingertips.

  D. They can solve any problem you come across.

  22. With the help of the travel apps used together, travelers can do the following things EXCEPT_________.

  A. rent a car B. decide what to wear

  C. look for a friend while traveling D. find the nearby museums

  23. Where are the readers likely to read the passage above?

  A. In a geography textbook. B. In a science and technology journal.

  C. In a business report. D. On a popular website.


  To personal trainer Sammy Callari, 13-year-old Parker Seward is more than a client (客户). He's his “little brother”. Over the past year, the pair have bonded. They play basketball together, share meals and dance to hip-hop.

  The trainer was asked to work with the 13-year-old boy, who has Down syndrome (唐氏症), because his coworker who dealt with the boy was out of town last spring. Callari had never worked with someone with a disability before. He was anxious the first day he met Parker. But Parker’s big smile and cheery introduction immediately put him at ease. Callari recalled the time when he was a teenager. Like Parker, Callari has also faced a lot of challenges over the years.

  As a high schooler, Callari described himself as being the weak kid. When it came to sports, he was always overlooked. His dream of playing baseball in college quickly faded away. When he went to college, Callari turned to a new sport. His brother trained him to become a boxer. Callari participated in five matches. Out of four of those fights he was the underdog, but finally he won three times. “I know how it feels,” Callari said, “Society tells you that you can’t do this, you can’t do that. ” When it comes to Parker, Callari refuses to accept the word “can’t”.

  The friends meet twice a week to train. They bike, box, run and play together. Parker has a short attention span, so it’s Callari’s job to keep him focused. Callari said, “That’s the whole task right now.”

  Parker’s mom once thanked him for taking a “chance” on her son. Callari told her he never viewed it that way. Parker may be the student, but Callari says he himself is also the one who’s learning.

  24. Why was Callari asked to train Parker?

  A. Callari took place of his absent colleague.

  B. Parker’s parents had faith in Callari.

  C. They shared the same interests.

  D. Callari was an expert in Down syndrome.

  25. What can we learn about Callari when he was in high school?

  A. He was good at sports.

  B. He was out of condition.

  C. He was looked down upon by everyone.

  D. He was influenced deeply by his brother.

  26. What attitude does Callari have to Parker?

  A. Grateful. B. Sympathetic. C. Indifferent. D. Critical.

  27. What is the text mainly about?

  A. An inspiring story of a disabled boy.

  B. A high schooler suffering lots of failure.

  C. Ways of developing friendship with the boy with Down syndrome.

  D. The friendship between a disabled boy and his personal trainer.


  Being mistreated at work can make people take out their negative emotions on loved ones at home. But a new study suggests that getting more exercise and sleep may help people better cope with them by leaving them at work, where they belong.

  Previous research shows that employees who are looked down on or insulted by colleagues are likely to express their frustrations and behave angrily toward people outside of work, says study co-author Shannon Taylor, a management professor at the University of Central Florida’s College of Business.

  The new study backs up this idea, but offers a bit of good news as well: Employees who averaged more than 10, 500 steps a day or burned at least 2, 100 calories were less likely to mistreat their families than those who averaged fewer steps or burned fewer calories.

  The findings also revealed that when employees felt they had a bad night’s sleep because of work issues, they were more likely to be angry at home. “When you’re tired, you are either less able or less motivated to regulate yourself.” says co-author Larissa Barber, a professor of psychology at Northern Illinois University.

  Physical activity seems to counterbalance poor sleep, Barber says, because it promotes healthy brain functions needed to properly regulate emotions and behaviors. “This study suggests that high amounts of exercise can be at least one way to improve the situations brought by sleep troubles that lead to negative behaviors at home, ” she says.

  Barber acknowledges that finding time to work out and get a full night’s sleep can be difficult when work pressure is mounting, and that often, job stress can be directly connected to sleep quality. However, she says, making the effort to burn some extra calories and let go of some stress can be worth it. It’s not only good for you, says Taylor, but it can benefit your loved people.

  28. What does the underlined word “they” in Paragraph 1 refer to?

  A. Loved people at home. B. Negative emotions.

  C. Different work pressures. D. More exercise and sleep.

  29. Who will most probably behave angrily to family members?

  A. A person who is easy to get tired.

  B. A person who is always treated badly by coworkers.

  C. A person who often goes to the gym to work out.

  D. A person who often argues with colleagues.

  30. The underlined word “counterbalance” in Paragraph 5 probably means .

  A. make use of B. take control of C. keep up with D. make up for

  31. What can we learn from the text?

  A. The amount of calories employees burn affects the frequency of losing temper.

  B. How to burn more calories has become a major issue for workers.

  C. Enough exercise can replace good sleep in dealing with negative behaviors.

  D. Work pressure makes no difference in sleep quality.


  For many years, humans have tried to find the secret to staying young. Although it has yet to be discovered, we may be closer than ever to finding a way that can slow down the aging process.

  A recent study by researchers from Duke University in the US found that cutting one’s daily intake of calories could slow down biological aging, which means you might be able to hang on to your youthful looks a little longer.

  Previous research has shown that calorie restrictions slow aging in worms, flies and mice. So researchers wondered if it could have the same effect on people.

  To find out, Daniel Belsky and her team examined data from a study by the National Institute on Aging, based in the US, which involved 220 people. During the two-year study, 145 people in the restriction group cut their calorie intake by 25 percent. Meanwhile, 75 people in the control group maintained their normal diets.

  At the start of the study, the two groups had no difference in biological age. The average participant was 38 years old, with a biological age of 37. However, after each 12-month period, participants in the restriction group saw an increase in biological age by an average of 0.11 years. Meanwhile, those in the control group saw a rise by an average of 0.71 years.

  The researchers believe the difference between these groups shows that cutting calories does slow biological aging.

  Although they didn’t explain the reason behind this, researchers at Brigham Young University in the US provided an explanation after they carried out a similar study on mice. They believe fewer calories slow down a mechanism in cells called the ribosome (核糖体), at least in mice. The mechanism is responsible for making vital proteins in cells, but with fewer calories it slows down, giving it more time to repair itself.

  The ribosome is complex, like a car, and it needs to replace the parts that wear out the fastest from time to time, according to John Price, a biochemistry professor at Brigham Young University.

  “When tyres wear out, you don’t throw the whole car away and buy new ones. It’s easier to replace the tyres,” Price told VOA.

  But this doesn’t mean that people who want to look younger should start skipping meals, especially given the study’s early stage. Proper nutrition is important, Price explained.

  “Food isn’t just material to be burned—it’s a signal that tells our body and cells how to respond,” he told Science Daily.

  32. The purpose of the research was to .

  A. find the most efficient way to control calorie intake

  B. explain why people have to maintain a normal diet

  C. invent technology that keeps people young and healthy

  D. test the influence of calorie restrictions on aging

  33. Which of the following statements is TRUE about the experiment?

  A. All the participants were of the same biological age at the start.

  B. Flies and mice were used to compare the results of the human test with.

  C. The biological age of people in the control group increased more than those in the restriction group.

  D. Some participants were asked to double the amount of food they ate.

  34. According to John Price, .

  A. the fewer calories one takes in, the better the ribosome works

  B. reducing calorie intake could allow the ribosome to repair itself better

  C. the ribosome is an important cell that controls the aging process

  D. a higher level of calorie intake means more healthy proteins

  35. We can infer from the text that .

  A. those who want to stay young are advised to skip meals

  B. people should keep a record of the energy they burn every day

  C. we could slow our pace of biological aging by changing our eating habits

  D. maintaining a balanced diet is not as difficult as people imagine



  Happiness has become a big deal in the past decade. Hundreds of books , lectures and even the media tell us that happiness is within our reach. All we have to do is follow some simple steps, like meditation, living in the moment and doing yoga. 36 In fact, feeling deeply sad is a normal part of the healing process.

  It’s said that if you are going through a hard time, it’s important to do what you can to feel better. 37 Perhaps they can work for you, too.

  38 But if you’re not anywhere near an ocean, lake or river, looking at images of moving water on TV can be soothing.

  We have to get our happiness where we can find it. If you have lost the ability to find any pleasure in your daily routine or the people around you, something deeper is going on. 39

  Think about the times when you were at your happiest. That may sound a little awkward.


  We can’t allow natural and normal emotional low points to rule our lives, but we can’t ignore them either. They must be processed, so we can move on.

  A. Talk with your friends and try to find your happiness from them.

  B. But if you are going through a really difficult time, none of these may be right.

  C. You’d better get yourself checked out by a medical doctor.

  D. Here are some techniques that have helped me and many people.

  E. Getting close to nature can help cheer you up.

  F. But doing this actually sends chemicals to your brain, and it can make you feel better.

  G. Looking at water while in nature can be calming.

  第三部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分45分)

  第一节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)


  A small boy had been waiting the whole day for his father to come home, for his mother was too busy to 41 . When his father finally opened the 42 , the boy ran to meet him. “Daddy! Now we can play!” He hugged his father.

  The man hugged his son and walked into the living room. He lay down on the sofa and 43 his eyes.

  “Daddy! Come and play!” The boy grabbed his arm and pulled. “Daddy is too 44 to play,” the man said.

  The little boy just stood and stared at his father. “Daddy!” His voice was 45 . The father reached his arm and took a(n) 46 from the table. He ripped out a page that had a map of a country on it, 47 it into small bits, then gave them to his son. “Here, 48 this puzzle back together. I’ll play with you after you’ve finished.” The boy took the 49 and ran off.

  After just a few 50 , the father felt his son tugging on his arm. “Daddy! I put the puzzle pieces together! Now come and play!” The man opened his eyes. His son was holding the

  51 , the pieces carefully taped together.

  “How did you 52 to do that so fast?” he asked as he sat up. He looked at the map. It was 53 , no mistakes.

  “There was a picture on the other side,” the boy answered. The father turned the page. True enough—a photo of a 54 was on the other side.

  “I turned the puzzle pieces 55 . I did the dog puzzle instead and when I turned the page, the 56 was there too!”

  The man looked at his son as he stood there 57 . He couldn’t help but smile too. “OK. What do you want to play?”

  We are often stuck in 58 ways, when we could really do with thinking 59 . So the next time you are faced with a dilemma, 60 what you would do if you were still a child. Think outside the box, and it might just suddenly give you a brand new point of view.

  41. A. rest B. play C. work D. cook

  42. A. window B. door C. garage D. handbag

  43. A. opened B. rolled C. caught D. closed

  44. A. busy B. sad C. tired D. nervous

  45. A. questioning B. relaxing C. exciting D. needy

  46. A. novel B. dictionary C. album D. magazine

  47. A. tore B. separated C. cut D. divided

  48. A. mix B. hold C. pick D. put

  49. A. present B. pieces C. glue D. scissor

  50. A. minutes B. seconds C. days D. hours

  51. A. page B. gift C. box D. book

  52. A. plan B. expect C. manage D. agree

  53. A. funny B. perfect C. clean D. different

  54. A. dog B. map C. cat D. boy

  55. A. upside B. down C. around D. on

  56. A. puzzle B. scene C. map D. picture

  57. A. joking B. clapping C. smiling D. staring

  58. A. similar B. traditional C. unusual D. modern

  59. A. quickly B. carefully C. confidently D. differently

  60. A. consider B. forget C. guess D. describe

  第Ⅱ卷(非选择题 共50分)



  Since childhood, I 61 (see)action movies starring Bruce Lee and Jackie Chen, and I was always curious to learn the martial arts. 62 there is China, there is kung fu. Once I arrived in China, my dream was 63 (learn) tai chi and kung fu and master the techniques of martial arts.

  After my arrival on campus(校园) on the first day, I went for a walk in the early morning. There were some older people 64 (practise) tai chi slowly. I stopped and watched their movements closely. It attracted me and the very next day I rushed to the teacher’s office to choose tai chi as my 65 (option) course. The following week I was on the grounds early in the morning with my classmates. The teacher told us tai chi 66 (favor) for its health benefits and that the movement of the body is related 67 the yin and yang forces.

  The main 68 (rule) that the teacher taught us were attitude, self-discipline and balance. I was taking every bit of the training 69 (serious) and trying to keep my balance, which was difficult. However, as the teacher puts it, our attitude, our willingness and our action will make 70 impossible possible.

  第四部分 写 作(共两节;满分35分)

  第一节 短文改错(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)


  增加: 在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧),并在其下面写出该加的词。

  删除: 把多余的词用斜线(\)划掉。

  修改: 在错的词下划一横线,并在该词下面写出修改后的词。

  注意: 1、 每处错误及其修改均限一词;


  Last Saturday, our school had organized an activity to visit the children at a local orphanage. As one of the volunteer, I took part in it. We took many books as well many kinds of school supplies and toys to the children. They were delighting to receive the gifts. In the morning, we played some games with them where we used to play in our childhood. Then we cooked and had lunch here. In the afternoon, we gave them some performances. Before leaving the orphanage, we had photos take with them and gave them our contact details so that they could keep in touch with one another. Each of us had the happy time. We gave the children our care and help, but in return, they gave us their smiles and love.

  第二节 书面表达(满分25分)









  Dear Tom,

  I am sorry to hear that you failed to pass HSK._____________________________________




  Li Hua


  听 力:1-5 ABCAB 6-10 ACCBA 11-15 CBBAC 16-20 BCBAA

  阅读理解:21—23 ACD 24—27 ABAD 28—31 BBDA

  32—35 DCBC 36—40 BDGCF

  完形填空:41-45 BBDCD 46-50 DADBA 51-55 ACBAC 56-60 CCBDA

  语法填空:61. have seen 62.Where 63. to learn 64. practising/practicing 65. optional

  66. is favored 67. to 68.rules 69. seriously 70. the


  Last Saturday, our school had organized an activity to visit the children at a local orphanage.

  As one of the volunteer, I took part in it. We took many books as well ∧many kinds of school

  volunteers as

  supplies and toys to the children. They were delighting to receive the gifts. In the morning, we


  played some games with them where we used to play in our childhood. Then we cooked and had


  lunch here. In the afternoon, we gave them some performances. Before leaving the orphanage, we


  had photos take with them and gave them our contact details so that they could keep in touch with

  taken we

  one another. Each of us had the happy time. We gave the children our care and help, but in return,

  a and

  they gave us their smiles and love.


  One possible version

  Dear Tom,

  I am sorry to hear that you failed to pass HSK. Hopefully, the unexpected failure won’t let you down, for I have still been amazed by the excellent Chinese you spoke when we first met.

  As we all know, language learning is never an easy task but needs constant efforts and patience. In my opinion, it’s a great way to pay close attention to the formal use of Chinese words and expressions by reading newspapers and magazines, which really counts. Meanwhile, using some Chinese-learning mobile apps to study as much as possible benefits you well. More importantly, you should learn from the mistakes that you have made before. If so, I’m sure you’ll make rapid progress and pass HSK soon.

  Wish you good luck! (113 words)


  Li Hua


  Text 1

  M: Did you turn the dryer off? My clothes weren’t dry yet.

  W: No, I didn’t. Maybe the power went out.

  M: Yeah, the refrigerator isn’t working. Oh, I guess I’ll just have to put on a dirty shirt.

  Text 2

  M: It’s said that there are only a few seats left at the concert tonight.

  W: Really? I was under the impression that the tickets had sold out a long time ago.

  Text 3

  W: Where are the clean towels? They’re usually over there by the front desk.

  M: We’re out of them at the moment, but we should have them back soon.

  W: Okay. Also, I think the running machine may be broken. It won’t turn on.

  M: I’ll check it on soon. I just need to finish teaching an exercise class.

  Text 4

  W: Will you take part in the football match Saturday?

  M: That’s the day after tomorrow. I’m afraid not. I have to prepare for the math exam next week.

  Text 5

  M: Did you see that movie last night? I think it was fantastic.

  W: Really? I didn’t think there was anything special about it.

  Text 6

  M: How do you like this brown dress? It looks great on you.

  W: I think it’s a bit too heavy. Since it’s getting warmer at this time of the year, I want something light. What other kinds of material do you have?

  M: We have silk and cotton dresses. A cotton dress is suitable in spring. We have many different kinds. What color would you like? I think yellow or green would be good choices for you.

  W: I would like the white one.

  Text 7

  M: Lily, don’t you think the scholarship from New York University is something great? Why

  did you decline this offer?

  W: I do realize the value of the scholarship. But my mother doesn’t want me to go overseas.

  M: Why?

  W: You know, I’m the only child in the family. My mother will be living alone most of the time. For the next three years in my absence. She cannot even think of it.

  M: Nobody to take care of her?

  W: My father travels a lot to many countries and he is doing business in Dubai now. I have to do a lot for my mom at home.

  M: Oh, I see. You are very considerate.

  Text 8

  M: You don’t look so good. What’s going on?

  W: I’m just stressed out. I’m trying out for a role in a movie tomorrow.

  M: Really? What movie?

  W: It’s a comedy. I’m preparing for the part of Mrs. Spencer. She’s an old lady that has a lot of

  cats and never leaves her house.

  M: You’re not that old, though.

  W: You’d be surprised what they can do with make-up these days. Anyway, I have to say my lines in front of the director without using notes, so I have to remember everything.

  M: You’ll do great. This is not your first time acting. You’ve been doing it since you were little.

  W: I know, but it’s my first time trying out for a big movie. I’ve only tried out for plays and

  commercials in the past.

  M: We should go out to dinner to take your mind off things.

  W: How about Japanese food? It always calms me down.

  M: Sounds good!

  Text 9

  W: How’s school going, Tom?

  M: Just fine. I was finally admitted to graduate school.

  W: Great! Are you going to do a doctor’s degree?

  M: Yes. I’m going to do a doctorate in chemistry.

  W: That sounds like a difficult field.

  M: It is interesting to me.

  W: You’ve got a degree in nuclear physics, haven’t you?

  M: Just a master’s degree, actually. I think chemistry is a lot better for me. I’ve always preferred chemistry to physics.

  W: Well, you’ve got some years of hard study ahead of you.

  M: That’s right. What about you, Linda? I heard you will soon finish your bachelor’s degree in literature.

  W: That’s right. I’ve always dreamed of being an excellent writer.

  Text 10

  The Huawei Watch is a smart watch for Android Wear. The watch was first announced on March 1st, 2015 at the Mobile World Congress, and officially released in Berlin on September 2nd, 2015. Although it looks more like a traditional watch than a smart watch, it has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and support Google Now voice commands. It also has a heart rate monitor, 4GB of storage, and more than 4,000 apps to choose from in the Google Play Store. It can also receive texts and emails, make and receive calls. Users describe the watch as beautiful, fashionable, and comfortable. However, some users have complained about its high price, short battery life, large body, and the fact that it doesn’t have GPS. The watch face is also hard to see at times, especially in the sun. Because the brightness doesn’t change automatically, users must set it themselves when going inside or outside. The watch comes in gold, silver, or black, and users can pick from 50 different watch faces that either come pre-loaded or can be downloaded from Google Play.








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